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Hydraulic Chainsaw

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Hydraulic Chainsaw Uses and Specifications

Hydraulic ChainsawBy buying or building a hydraulic chainsaw you are getting a tough, cost-effective and powerful machine. Many individuals choose to build their own hydraulic chainsaw units by hand in order to get exactly what they want, while others buy their chainsaw from a manufacturer. Whichever way you get one, you will be happy with the power and performance of this type of chainsaw for cutting.

There are a large variety of uses for this type of chainsaw ranging from standard types of chainsaws and uses to the more custom types built and used for individual industries and tasks. Here are just a few of the uses and specs in the hydraulic chainsaw niche.

The Standard Hydraulic Chainsaw

A standard hydraulic chainsaw can be used for carving, cutting, pruning and even bucking wood, depending on the make and model you get. They generally have motors that use 10 to 30 gallons of fluid each minute with a working pressure of around 2,000 psi.

In order for the chainsaw to operate without problems efficiently, they need to have between 14 and 16 gallons of hydraulic oil going through them per minute. They should also operate at a maximum of 2,000 psi of pressure to avoid breakdowns and mechanical problems during operation.

Standard Hydraulic ChainsawYou will have choices when it comes to the valves because both electric controlled valves and manual controlled valves are available on the market. Which one you decide to use should be based on your own personal preferences and the intended use of the hydraulic chainsaw as a whole.

The average sprocket sizes that you will normally find will be 12 to 16 teeth, however that will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A custom built hydraulic chainsaw can deviate from these averages as well due to the individual builders’ preferences when making the chainsaw unit.

Make sure to choose a chainsaw with the correct sprocket size for the type of cutting that you will be doing most often. Some variation of cutting can be done with the standard sprocket sizes, but extreme uses of a hydraulic chainsaw should naturally be sized on a case-by-case basis.

If you plan on mounting the hydraulic chainsaw, look for grapple type chainsaw models. They are made for this purpose and can also be used for plumbing and guarding. The grapple chainsaw models include a mechanism for raising and lowering the saw over a stabilized, mounted area. Mountable hydraulic chainsaws include retract bar and feeder bar connections that have been built into them. These chainsaws would be perfect for making your own firewood processor.

underwater Hydraulic ChainsawsCustom Hydraulic Chainsaws

Besides the ordinary use of cutting wood in the standard manner, there are also custom built models for custom applications. Some of these types of custom hydraulic chainsaw models are miter saws, underwater saws, hand held saws and bucking saws.

In addition to these, individuals have built homemade firewood processors that can load logs, feed the log into the cutting area and split the cut chunk of wood – all in one steady process. The hydraulic chainsaw can be a very versatile and powerful tool in the right hands.

Where Can I Buy Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains

husqvarna chainsSaw chains have different configurations, and they’re especially tacked together for a particular brand or model of chain saws. That’s why when your Husqvarna chains need replacement, never ever do a trial-and-error approach during the replacement process.

To help you purchase the right chains for your Husqvarna saw, the company has an easy-to-access website that lists all the chains available for purchase. These chains range from mini pitch chains to .404″ chains. Go through these products one by one to determine which one is the right for your chainsaw.

Where can you buy Husqvarna chainsaw chains?

Husqvarna’s website lists more than 1,000 sales and service dealers scattered in basically all parts of the United States (and a few outside the country). To find one nearest you, simply pick the chain of your choice and click on “Where to Buy” to reveal the list of sales dealers.

For instance, if you live in California, there are 97 dealers stationed in the Sacramento-San Francisco area, and 56 dealers servicing the Los Angeles area. Some of the accredited dealers that in the region include the following:

  • Bailey’s Inchusqvarna dealers
  • Jades Mower Shop
  • Elk Grove Power Equipment
  • Acme Saw & Supply Inc.
  • Home Supply Tool Rent
  • Acme Saw & Supply Inc.
  • Bliss Power Lawn Equipment
  • JB’s Power Equipment
  • Dixon Hardware & Lumber Co.
  • Bill’s Mower & Saw
  • J.M. Equipment Co Inc
  • Discount AG Parts
  • Tracy Power Equipment
  • Strand Ace Hardware Inc.
  • Abott’s Pro-Power LLC.
  • Osuna Auto Electric
  • Valley Saw & Garden Equipment
  • Swede’s Saw Shop
  • Hydroturf Power Trim Products
  • Scarborough Lumber & Bldng Supply
  • Gardenland Center Inc.
  • Gary’s Small Engine Repair
  • Webbs Farm Supplies
  • B & B Small Engine Repair

One helpful function of Husqvarna’s “Find Dealer” option is that it categorizes the dealers into three types. If you’re interested in a sales and service dealer, you can simply tick the box beside it and that’s exactly what it will show you. If you want to see Automower specialists only, that’s another option that you may like to consider. And if you’re looking for service dealers only, be happy to know that the website can also give you that information.

Aside from that option, the dealers can also be categorized based on three groups: Preferred Dealers, Husqvarna Retailer, and Husqvarna Authorized Warranty Dealer.

A Preferred Dealer offers high-quality products, a Husqvarna Retailer has a team of that provides sales and parts assistance, and a Husqvarna warranty dealer provides repair, sales, and warranty services. A dealer can fall in one, two, or all three of these categories.

husqvarna preferred dealersFor instance, from the list above, Abbot’s, Osuna, Valley Saw & Garden Equipment, and Hydroturf Power are Preferred Dealers, Husqvarna Retailers, and Husqvarna Warranty Dealers. It means that if you go to these shops, rest assured that you are in good hands. When you walk into these shops, a specialist in Husqvarna products is on standby to answer all your questions and assist you every step of the way.